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Publication date:
16 December 2020

Platonov A.Yu.

Main Department of Scientific and Research Activities and Technological Support of the Advanced Technologies of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
Author in:
  1. Complex engineering systems development management
  2. Co-authors: Dopira R.V., Kordyukov R.Yu., Begletsov A.A., Sergienko S.V.
  3. The method of quality factors estimation for radar detection
  4. Co-authors: Abu-Abed F.N., Pomazuev O.N., Mironov A.M., Ryumshin A.R.
  5. Computing and research algorithm for ambiguity function of broadband coherent multifrequency probe signals used for portraits of range surveillance radars
  6. Co-authors: Talalaev A.B., Berdyshev V.P., Mironov A.M.