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Publication date:
16 March 2021

Pomazuev O.N.

Main Department of scientific and research activities and technological support of the advanced technologies of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation
Author in:
  1. Algorithms for synthesis of band-blocking filters on smooth inhomogeneous lines for CAD microwave devices
  2. Co-authors: Berdyshev R.V., Kordyukov R.Yu., Berdyshev V.P., Khripun S.I.
  3. The method of quality factors estimation for radar detection
  4. Co-authors: Abu-Abed F.N., Platonov A.Yu., Mironov A.M., Ryumshin A.R.
  5. The algorithm for determination of group air objects resolution probability by radars in an airfield
  6. Co-authors: Kordyukov R.Yu., Berdyshev V.P., Mironov A.M., Stuchilin A.I.