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Publication date:
16 September 2020

Keyword: classification

  1. Authors: Островский А.А.

  2. Authors: Корунова Н.В.

  3. Authors: Селяев А.Г., Радионова Ю.А.

  4. Authors: Филатова Н.Н., Спиридонов А.В.

  5. Authors: Горюнов Е.В.

  6. Instrumental system for solving multi-criteria choice
  7. Authors: Микони С.В., Бураков Д.П., Гарина М.И.

  8. Fuzzy set approach to classifier combination
  9. Authors: Сорокин С.В., Багрова И.А., Пономарев С.А., Сытник Д.А.

  10. Supply planning system at the diversify enterprise
  11. Authors: Ильина Л.Ю.

  12. Multifunctional simulator of neural networks
  13. Authors: Солдатова О.П.

  14. Evolutionary method of ranking and classification of biological objects
  15. Authors: Цыганкова И.А.

  16. The homogeneity analysis application to visualize and analyse bibliometrics and scientometrics data
  17. Authors: Гордеев Р.Н., Бурилин А.В.

  18. Problems of information retrieval as part of a distributed intelligent software system of information support of innovation
  19. Authors: Борисов А.Л., Чохонелидзе А.Н., Борисов С.Ю.

  20. Simulation of taxonomy program of parts production technology for mechanical-engineering using petri nets
  21. Authors: Шестаков А.М.

  22. Classification algorithm based on random forest principes for a forecasting problem
  23. Authors: Курейчик В.М., Картиев С.Б.

  24. Classification and clustering methods for improving efficiency of case-based systems
  25. Authors: Варшавский П.Р., Ар Кар Мьо, Шункевич Д.В.

  26. A neural network method for detecting malicious programs on the Android platform
  27. Authors: Татарникова Т.М., Журавлев А.М.