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Publication date:
16 December 2020

K.D. Rusakov

Junior Researcher
V.A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences of RAS
Author in:
  1. Identification of a complex technical system functional state under conditions of measurement data ambiguity
  2. Co-authors: A.A. Genov, S.Sh. Hill
  3. Research on compression of raster images using artificial neural networks
  4. Co-authors: A.A. Genov, V.V. Osipov, A.A. Moiseev
  5. Evaluating the quality of heterogeneous robotic systems using the Banker-Charnes-Cooper model
  6. Co-authors: S.B. Savilkin, S.Sh. Hill , D.E. Seliverstov
  7. An anti-spoofing methodology for a limited number of photos
  8. Co-authors: A.A. Genov, S.Sh. Hill