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Publication date:
16 September 2020

Keyword: infosecurity

  1. Authors: Гулиев Я.И.

  2. Web-server information security improvement with techniques of protection from investigation
  3. Authors: Семенкин Е.С., Стюгин М.А.

  4. Analysis of grid-systems information security architectural aspects
  5. Authors: Галатенко В.А.

  6. Method of construction the security model of automated systems
  7. Authors: Жуков В.Г., Жукова М.Н., Стефаров А.П.

  8. Vulnerability of web content protection of type HTML Guardian
  9. Authors: Ермаков Д.Г.

  10. Functional comparison of complex information security systems
  11. Authors: Стюгин М.А.

  12. Algorithms and technologies provide information safety in medical information system ExterNET
  13. Authors: Карабаев М.К., Абдуманонов А.А.

  14. Information security systems technique secured from researching
  15. Authors: Стюгин М.А.

  16. A model of the information security events choice based on fuzzy automata
  17. Authors: Борисов В.В., Гончаров М.М.

  18. The internet, gene pool, genome
  19. Authors: Осовецкий Л.Г.

  20. Development of access control model for the standard medical information system
  21. Authors: Оленников А.А., Оленников Е.А., Захаров А.А., Широких А.В., Варнавский В.В.

  22. Database security: problems and prospects
  23. Authors: Полтавцева М.А., Хабаров А.Р.

  24. Synthesis of protection systems of automated control systems against destroying program influence
  25. Authors: Дроботун Е.Б.

  26. Method of generating sets of alternative variants of building subsystems which are a part of a computer attack protection system
  27. Authors: Дроботун Е.Б., Угловский Е.П., Замалтдинов И.Ш.

  28. A system and legal model of information security (data protection)
  29. Authors: Голубчиков С.В., Новиков В.К., Баранова А.В.

  30. An automated system of information accessibility protecting from attacks by unauthorized traffic in UNIX-like systems
  31. Authors: Пальчевский Е.В., Халиков А.Р.

  32. The effectiveness of stage-by-stage use of securirty means crossing threat detection areas
  33. Authors: Коломойцев В.С., Богатырев В.А.

  34. An algorithm of information security residual risk assessment taking into account a protection mechanisms separation by types
  35. Authors: Дерендяев Д.А., Гатчин Ю.А., Безруков В.А.

  36. Web-robot detection method based on user’s navigation graph
  37. Authors: Гатчин Ю.А., Менщиков А.А.

  38. Development of a spiking neural network with the possibility of high-speed training to neutralize DDoS attacks
  39. Authors: Христодуло О.И., Пальчевский Е.В.

  40. Development of a geoinformation systems protecting method and spatial data based on a neural network
  41. Authors: Татарникова Т.М., Степанов С.Ю., Петров Я.А., Сидоренко А.Ю.