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Publication date:
16 December 2019

Keyword: decision support

  1. Method of decision-making support on management of temporary aspects of projects at the industrial enterprises
  2. Authors: Стоянова О.В., Васицына А.И.

  3. Problem of decision-making support in estimation of investment projects of foundry plants on the basis of moulding lines
  4. Authors: Зенькович М.В., Древс Ю.Г.

  5. Prototype of the diagnostic decision support system on the basis of integration bayesian belief networks and the Dempster–Shafer method
  6. Authors: Еремеев А.П., Хазиев Р.Р., Зуева М.В., Цапенко И.В.

  7. Automated system of decision making support in emergencies
  8. Authors: Скобелев П.О., Потоцкий С.И., Матюшин М.М., Потапов В.И., Лахин О.И.

  9. Architecture of intelligent information support system for innovations in science and education
  10. Authors: Палюх Б.В., Сотников А.Н., Иванов В.К.

  11. Implementation of reinforcement learning methods based on temporal differences and a multi-agent approach for real-time intelligent systems
  12. Authors: Еремеев А.П., Кожухов А.А.

  13. Formation of Vietnam energy development options by combinatorial modeling methods
  14. Authors: Еделев А.В., Зоркальцев В.И., Доан Ван Бинь, Нгуен Хоай Нам

  15. Cognitive hybrid systems for decision support and forecasting
  16. Authors: Ярушев С.А., Аверкин А.Н., Павлов В.Ю.

  17. Ontology design based on non-relational database for intelligent decision support system for medical purposes
  18. Authors: Еремеев А.П., Ивлиев С.А.

  19. Precedent decision support system in administrative cases
  20. Authors: Головнин О.К., Романова Е.А.

  21. On the implementation of machine learning tools in real-time intelligent systems
  22. Authors: Еремеев А.П., Кожухов А.А., Голенков В.В., Гулякина Н.А.

  23. Application of a knowledge representation productional model to assess compliance of an applicant training level to requirements of a position in IT department
  24. Authors: Зубкова Т.М., Тагирова Л.Ф., Тагиров В.К.

  25. On information support of decision support
  26. Authors: Тиханычев О.В.

  27. Algorithmic support of the information system for managing innovation projects in an industry
  28. Authors: Черновалова М.В.

  29. Grammar for queries for heterogeneous data storage in proactive systems
  30. Authors: Щербаков М.В., Чан Ван Фу, Сай Ван Квонг