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Publication date:
16 March 2021

Keyword: program realization

  1. Control of the development of reliable information system cluster structures
  2. Authors: Ковалев И.В., Царев Р.Ю., Прокопенко А.В., Джиоева Н.Н.

  3. Program implementation mathematical model of heart rate variability
  4. Authors: Романова Г.В.

  5. Software implementation in maple the researches of stability of deformable systems by universal method
  6. Authors: Чусова Е.В.

  7. Realization of Lyapunov's method of first approximation in the program Maple 12
  8. Authors: Чусова Е.В.

  9. Explicit and fuzzy probabilities product algorithm and its software implementation
  10. Authors: Затонский А.В., Копотева А.В.

  11. Software implementation of a power transformer digitaldata processing
  12. Authors: Васильева О.В., Лавринович А.В.

  13. The algorithm and software implementation of the simulation model of the column jet-emulsion reactor gravity separator
  14. Authors: Сеченов П.А.

  15. Statement of the research problem of the diffusion transition across the slag-metal border in a column reactor and its solution algorithm
  16. Authors: Оленников А.А., Цымбал В.П., Сеченов П.А.

  17. Implementation of a fuzzy model of interaction between objects in complex technical systems based on graphs
  18. Authors: Мунтян Е.Р.

  19. Algorithm and software implementation for searching the parameter values deviations from industrial equipment norms
  20. Authors: Колоденкова А.Е., Верещагина С.С.

  21. A software product development for building a value stream map
  22. Authors: Гуньков С.А., Акимов С.С.

  23. Simulation of multiphase multicomponent systems in a gas flow
  24. Authors: Цымбал В.П., Сеченов П.А., Рыбенко И.А.