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16 September 2019

Articles of journal № 2 at 2012 year.

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1. Mechanisms of evolution of organizational process systems [№2 за 2012 год]
Authors: Vinogradov G.P., Palyukh B.V.
Visitors: 6593
The problem of synthesis of the evolution of the control mechanism of organizational and technological system that uses a person's ability to self-organization. A model of the system containing agents capable of self-organization. The behavior of self-organizing agents, is an algorithm for constructing a set of preferred states.

2. Model of weakly goal-setting in a structured environment [№2 за 2012 год]
Authors: Богатикова В.Н., Vinogradov G.P., Kuznetsov V.N.
Visitors: 7116
The problem of generating alternatives to the project for semi-structured environments, which combines the steps and tselepolaganiya tseledostizheniya that allows understanding of the subject area of the project each of its members. The model of participant selection, which allows to predict its behavior. On the basis of the model proposed by the formality of behavior participant in the process of achieving the objectives of the project.

3. Componental approach to creation of the distributed imitating models [№2 за 2012 год]
Author: Веселов А.А.
Visitors: 5376
At the moment the computer imitating modeling often demanding a significant amount of computing resources and time is widely used. For reduction of time of modeling it is possible to try distibute model performance. This work is devoted to development of the software application, allowing to create distributed discrete-events models on the basis of a componental approach. The technics of splitting components on two composed parts and the organizating of interaction between them are considered. The offered approach of a distributed component building will allow to increase overall imitating models performance.

4. Parallel processing in software systems for planning the use of airspace [№2 за 2012 год]
Authors: Grigoryev V.A., Тимофеев С.Ю.
Visitors: 8874
The article speaks about processing of flight plan information in air traffic planning system and advantages of multithreading data processing for improvements of system performance.

5. Program choice of technological regimes of discrete-continuous casting of non-ferrous metals and their al-loys [№2 за 2012 год]
Authors: Zhiganov N.K., Fomina E.E.
Visitors: 6889
We consider the program, for modeling, optimization and the choice of technological regimes of continuous and discrete-continuous casting of non-ferrous metals.

6. Cae for streams modeling and dynamics of fish movements passing through fishways [№2 за 2012 год]
Authors: Горячев В.Д., Зимка М.C.
Visitors: 5208
The system of simulation of turbulent flow and dynamics of fish movement over technical fish passes is considered. Behavioral fish movement model inside fish ladder during spawning time and computer system structure and software are described.

7. Expert-modeling systems in the IT-infrastructure management [№2 за 2012 год]
Authors: Христенко Д.В., Loginov I.V.
Visitors: 7100
In this article is viewed model of organization of administration management system for IT-infrastructure of enterprise, based on network of dispersed expert-modeling systems. This structure helps to increase of validity of assessment accepts decisions for administrative management.

8. Software package for creating a block-structured grids [№2 за 2012 год]
Authors: Якубов С.А., Зайцев Д.К., Смирнов П.Е., Балашов М.Е.
Visitors: 7096
We present a set of tools for interactive generation of block-structured grids in complex geometry domains that is involved in teaching and scientific activities at the Polytechnic university. Functional capabilities of the set of tools are described along with the algorithms implemented.

9. The complexity of model checking of the concurrent systems [№2 за 2012 год]
Author: Захарченко С.С.
Visitors: 4809
In this paper we consider the complexity of model checking of parallel systems. Also provides details of modeling of asynchronous computing processes.

10. Metadata of multimedia resources and ontologies [№2 за 2012 год]
Author: Москвина А.С.
Visitors: 7230
This article introduces approaches for the development of meta-descriptions of video and audio resources which are based on the use of ontologies as systems of metadata. The markup allows us to describe comprehensively the features of a multimedia resource, while ontologies provide a flexible opportunity for descriptions of marking tags (i.e. logical points).

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