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16 June 2020

Articles of journal № 1 at 2012 year.

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1. Cellular automata modeling of dissolutiom proceses [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: Menshutina N.V., Ivanov S.I., Шипилова Д.Д.
Visitors: 11007
This paper is dedicated to mathematical modeling of solid-stage bodies dissolution on the ground of probabilistic cellular automata. In this paper the description of mathematical model of dissolution is represented, the operation algorithm of cellular automata running this model was examined. There were given a comparison of experimental (kinetics of ascorbic asid dissolution) and calculation data.

2. A substantiation of application of electronic simulators for operators’ education [№1 за 2012 год]
Author: Arepin Yu.I.
Visitors: 6557
An approach to substantiation of application of various training tools for complex technical systems operators is observed.

3. Software simulation model walter grey’s machina speculatrix [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: Колос П.А., Волкова Н.С.
Visitors: 6879
The article deals with the features of modeling of the living beings behavior for the creation of technical systems. There are described the cybernetic biomorphic robotic systems machina speculatrix made by Walter Gray, also there are investigated the features of the creation and using of simulation models of such systems in this article.

4. Parallel software package for nonholonomic control problems [№1 за 2012 год]
Author: Маштаков А.П.
Visitors: 7548
A motion planning problem for nonlinear five-dimensional systems is considered. Parallel software package MotionPlanning235 was developed to solve this problem in class of piecewise constant and optimal controls. Nilpotent approximation is used to obtain an approximate solution with a necessary precision.

5. Automatic construction and generalization of circuit decisions at designing of control systems [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: Filatova N.N., Требухин А.Г.
Visitors: 7853
New program complex for designing of control systems. The program automatically generates set of function charts, makes the analysis of schemes from system archive and creates new rules of schemes construction.

6. Multimethod simulation for optimization of the organization structure in consulting company [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: Митрошин С.Г., Пикулин В.В.
Visitors: 10511
Questions of application of the multimethod simulation modeling for increase of efficiency of activity of the consulting company by change of composition of experts are considered. There are an example of a simulation model developed in the AnyLogic modeling tool, and the results of its use.

7. Virtual machine placement method with resource redistribution [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: Соловьев В.П., Удовиченко А.О.
Visitors: 8285
A method for placement of virtual machines with resource redistribution is proposed in the paper. A problem of virtual machine placement is presented as well as the proposed method. Results of experiments are provided proving the efficiency of the proposed method.

8. The construction principle of the computer-aided design system of hydraulic machines and apparatus [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: Крутиков В.С., Лиходед К.А., Копица В.В.
Visitors: 7627
Principles of construction of computer-aided design system, which provide complex solution of all problems creation of new machines and apparatus.

9. Verilog-A compact model of graphene field-effect transistor [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: Целыковский А.А., Данилов И.А., Зебрев Г.И.
Visitors: 10445
The paper presents a compact model of the graphene field-effect transistor and its Verilog-A implementation. The potential for using the model in the industry CAD is demonstrated by modeling of analog circuits based on graphene transistors.

10. The review of systems of gathering and preprocessing the information applied in stations of geology-technological researches [№1 за 2012 год]
Author: Калёнов С.А.
Visitors: 9036
In article systems of gathering the information applied at stations of geology-technological researches SIRIUS and «Geosphere» for support of drilling of chinks are considered extended, for today. Technical characteristics, reliability and convenience of operation of systems are compared.

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