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16 September 2019

Articles of journal № 1 at 2011 year.

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1. Methods for predictive forecasting broadband networks [№1 за 2011 год]
Authors: Власов А.И., Иванов В.В., Косолапов И.А.
Visitors: 13775
In the present work are considered fractal properties of the traffic, allowing to allocate the important numerical characteristics on the basis of which adaptive algorithms of statistical management and forecasting can be constructed.

2. Software for double pattern technology layout migration [№1 за 2011 год]
Authors: Zinchenko L.A., Аверьянихин А.Е.
Visitors: 12167
We describe the features of TPLConverter, software for double pattern layout migration. The functionality of software is considered. Examples of applications of TPLConverter to real world design problems are briefly discussed.

3. Machine vision system in mobile object navigation challenges [№1 за 2011 год]
Authors: Миронов С.В., Юдин А.В.
Visitors: 19844
This work is dedicated to questions of development of a machine vision system for the needs of navigation of a mobile robot. Algorithms of video camera calibration, noise filtration and recognition of 2D objects on a plain surface are presented. Methods to optimize the developed system are reviewed. General architecture of software needed for realization of the system is supplied. Object of automation and typical challenge for machine vision are described.

4. Image retrieval using semantic features [№1 за 2011 год]
Author: Papulin S.Yu.
Visitors: 14816
This article describes image retrieval using semantic features which is based on conversion from visual features to convenient form for human perception. Particularly, on these pages considered general conception of image retrieval via textual description of image features and textual retrieval via semantic features of image.

5. Methods of the automated estimation of the calligraphy [№1 за 2011 год]
Author: Demin A.A.
Visitors: 14462
Current article is devoted the automated rating of a calligraphy which purpose is revealing bases of formation of graphic skill of the letter, the analysis of technological receptions of initial training to the letter, promoting formation of graphic skill, the calligraphical letter, and also disclosing of ways of the handwriting correction.

6. Visual control methods for the implementations of user interfaces [№1 за 2011 год]
Authors: Зеновкин Н.В., Власов А.И.
Visitors: 12816
The purpose of this article is to analyze of existing solutions in eye-tracking systems, determine eye-tracking system specification for HCI. This work defines main eye-tracking concepts and mathematical methods of determination pupil on video.

7. Concept of a system for remote web management of experiments in raman spectroscopy [№1 за 2011 год]
Author: Ивченко М.О.
Visitors: 12881
Presented in this paper is a conceptual description of the hardware and software complex «SPM Lab», designed for conducting remote studies in the field of scanning probe microscopy and Raman spectroscopy with the ability to digitally process the results and store them in a centralized library.

8. Principles of composition management systems heterogeneous broadband networks [№1 за 2011 год]
Author: Иванов В.В.
Visitors: 13287
This project devoted to researching methods and models, been used for building of divided heterogeneous telecommunication networks control systems and creation own network control system. During the work was a researched international standard and recommendations for building network control systems, made application analysis of various information gathering methods about network state and control methods of this one. It was considered application possible of fractal multitude theory for optimization control of communication devices functioning.

9. The language for description of problem domain model in the software packages [№1 за 2011 год]
Authors: Oparin G.A., Feoktistov A.G., Горский С.А.
Visitors: 14110
The questions of the parallel computing are discussed. In particular, the software packages with automated synthesis of parallel programs, the tools for description of problem domain and the tools for definitions of nonprocedural problem are considered.

10. Program-methodical complex for optimization of data collection systems [№1 за 2011 год]
Authors: Пацей Н.Е., Придухо В.Т.
Visitors: 11165
The article describes the tools and techniques for automation of designing data collection systems. These systems are the basis for the creation of automated control systems and electricity metering. Described program-methodical complex and methodology integrates all stages of the design: structural synthesis, synthesis and parametric analysis of the system. The article describes methods for finding solutions are used at each stage.

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