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16 September 2019

Articles of journal № 2 at 2010 year.

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1. Application of analytic hierarchy method for support decision making at drug choice [№2 за 2010 год]
Authors: Bolshakov A.L., Butenko D.V.
Visitors: 9810
Designed model for support decision making at safety drug choice. Model is based on analytic hierarchy method. Designed model allow to take into consideration individual specifics of concrete patient.

2. Status evaluation for software development project with deterministic life cycle structur [№2 за 2010 год]
Authors: Давыдов А.А., Налютин Н.Ю., Синицын С.В., Батаев А.В.
Visitors: 7159
Status accounting and evaluation of software systems developed under iterative life cycle is very important in project and configuration management processes. This paper describes an approach for definition of system components set, sufficient for evaluation of system status based on regression analysis. Prognosis method based on analysis of life cycle processes and configuration items from current and previous project iterations is proposed.

3. Information estimation in interests of reflexive management of competitors [№2 за 2010 год]
Authors: Осипов В.Ю., Кондратюк А.П.
Visitors: 6573
It is considered an approach of information estimation under the reflexive control of competitors. The approach combines comparative, profitable and cost-is-no-object methods. The calculating of the information value from competitor side interested in receiving of this information is considered as the base of this approach. The value of information on the system’s input is suggested to define as effect received on the system’s output, which is counted over to the system’s input. Not only general case is come to light and shown but also particular cases of an information estimation of the reflexive control benefit. Examples of such the estimation are represented.

4. Control of the development of reliable information system cluster structures [№2 за 2010 год]
Authors: Ковалев И.В., Джиоева Н.Н., Прокопенко А.В., Царев Р.Ю.
Visitors: 8448
Program algorithmic and computer support of the stage of plan formation for information system cluster structure development is presented. During support means program realization it is carried out the optimum plan finding procedure at each concrete period of the system development.

5. Process of building subject area on the bases of analysis of conceptual diagram [№2 за 2010 год]
Authors: Izvozchikova V.V., Матвейкин И.В.
Visitors: 9973
The structure of the subject area reflects the structural hierarchy of knowledge of experts in forecasting. This structure comprises two components: the structure of the object domain and the structure of relations between the attributes of objects. The structure of the object includes the object name and the names of his many attributes and is represented as a connected acyclic.

6. Use of ontology in forecasting business development [№2 за 2010 год]
Authors: Тюков Н.И., Izvozchikova V.V., Матвейкин И.В.
Visitors: 8364
The proposed approach the method of analysis of hierarchies, which consists of decomposing tasks info subtask and forecasting the further processing of the sequence of judgments of experts. In this case the object names and attribute names are considered as identifiers of tasks and the factors taken info account when formulating the forecast.

7. Semiautomatic semantic annotation of multimedia assets [№2 за 2010 год]
Authors: Тюхов Б.П., Новиков С.В.
Visitors: 7885
In this paper approach for automated multimedia assets annotation is been described using images as example. This approach describe how to extend and actualize set of statements about assed and list of extracted audio visual features using Semantic Web technologies and distributed knowledge base expressed in RDF and OWL. Also author discuss about possible ways of linking hi and low level concepts for solving semantic gap issue.

8. A approach of principle to information system’s development of university’s scientific projects management [№2 за 2010 год]
Authors: Говорков А.С., Гутгарц Р.Д.
Visitors: 10323
The article describe of business process automation status in the university. The authors deduced about development of information system for scientific projects management.

9. The generalized operation of abstracting as a realization of principle of openness of self-organizing information system [№2 за 2010 год]
Authors: Drozhdin V.V., Зинченко Р.Е., Герасимова Е.В.
Visitors: 8595
The principle of openness of self-organizing system on the level of conceptual model of data domain is taken up. The implementation of openness on the basis of generalized operation of abstracting, permitting the formation of objects’ images which have a large impressive capability, is suggested. The examples show the images’ formation with cutting the insignificant features, integral and average properties.

10. Process model of the aggregated requirements forming to the complex information systems [№2 за 2010 год]
Authors: Тихомиров В.А., Пушина А.В., Тарасов А.К.
Visitors: 8367
The article considers the information systems constructing for the science, designing, engineering organizations, academies which is directed to work with the documentation common for all branches of science and technology. The authors analyze ways of the un-ification, compression, and calculation problem solving with the help of the fuzzy set theory.

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