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16 September 2019

Articles of journal № 1 at 2010 year.

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1. Choice of the mathematical scheme at construction models of operations [№1 за 2010 год]
Author: Глушков И.Н.
Visitors: 16086
On the basis of classification carrying out the choice of the mathematical scheme of model of operations is proved. It is shown that it should represent superposition of joint behaviour in parallel and-or consistently functioning multicomponent active dynamic objects of the hybrid automatic machines constructed on the basis of a composition functioning in hybrid time and co-operating through communications on the basis of messages.

2. Mathematical model of network for data exchange with packet switching [№1 за 2010 год]
Authors: Вакуленко Н.Н., Захаров М.К., Бачев А.Г.
Visitors: 11119
In the paper mathematical model of the network and methodical approach to estimation of transmission information in real time by network with packet switching in presented.

3. Software for estimating situation at the avalance site [№1 за 2010 год]
Author: Зимин М.И.
Visitors: 8096
Software for estimating situation at the avalanche site based on the solution of inverse problems is described. Obtained data may be used for snowslide forecast. Examples of analysis are made.

4. Formal method of foreign proper names transcription [№1 за 2010 год]
Authors: Bondarenko A.V., Визильтер Ю.В., Горемычкин В.И., Клышинский Э.С.
Visitors: 11563
The paper devoted to the mathematical formalism creation describing process of proper names transcription from different foreign languages into Russian. The formalism allows to solve the task of program such systems realization.

5. Introduction computer technology in laboratory practical work [№1 за 2010 год]
Author: Панюшкин Н.Н.
Visitors: 8882
The designed concept of the introduction computer technology in laboratory practical work physico-technical discipline of the high school. The concept is based on the design method of the undertaking occupation. The considered results of the practical introducing the designed approach in laboratory practical work.

6. Rating subsystem of student’s progress registration [№1 за 2010 год]
Author: Андреев В.В.
Visitors: 12499
The article deals with the description of an information subsystem student’s progress registration for high school. It is based on DBMS DB2. Basic functions of the information subsystem and DBMS DB2 are short described.

7. Management of educational process [№1 за 2010 год]
Authors: Анциферова В.И., Сербулов Ю.С., Зольников В.К.
Visitors: 11204
In clause the model of management of educational process at the resource centre is considered.

8. Model of quality management information and educational resources [№1 за 2010 год]
Authors: Гусева А.И., Гаврилов С.И., Тихомирова А.Н.
Visitors: 10009
In article the concept of an informational-educational resource (IER) is considered, definition is made, the model of quality management IER is offered. Importance of maintenance of quality IER on all extent of life cycle is underlined. The hierarchical system of indicators of quality IER, uniting the general factors and factors «Specialized quality» is offered. Possibility of allocation of base and specialized services IER according to methodology ITIL/ITSM is considered.

9. Requirements for information system of high school management [№1 за 2010 год]
Authors: Андреев В.В., Герова Н.В.
Visitors: 24699
The article deals with the analysis of the various automated information systems of higher educational institutions and approaches for their construction. The structure and a complex of solved problems by means of automation of educational process management is considered. In article settled requirements for automated information system of high school according to the Bologna education system and taking into account new system of a payment of the faculty of high schools.

10. Fractal analisys of oil price dynamics [№1 за 2010 год]
Authors: Кудинов А.Н., Сажина О.И., Цветков В.П., Цветков И.В.
Visitors: 11541
In this work there has been performed a fractal analysis of oil price behavior in 2008, shown up jumps in oil prices; this analysis has been carried out on the base of a mathematical model previously developed by the contributors. We have recognized two sections of the oil price behavior curve, and have defined the values of the linear trend and fractal dimension factors. In this work there has been shown a linear approximation adaptability. This work adduces arguments within the frame of a fractal approach towards oil price bubble appearance.

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