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16 September 2020

Articles of journal № 4 at 2009 year.

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41. The basic tasks of automation of management of educational process [№4 за 2009 год]
Authors: Анциферова В.И., Меерсон В.Э.
Visitors: 7778
In clause the target tasks and models of automation of management of educational process at the educational centre are considered.

42. Information subsystem of faculty’s rating value [№4 за 2009 год]
Author: Андреев В.В.
Visitors: 10216
The article deals with problem of conversion to new remuneration of labour of faculty according to rayting system. It describes a unit of information subsystem «Rating of faculty». It describes features of adoption and metods of work with the information subsystem.

43. Automatized rating assessment system of student’s knowledge [№4 за 2009 год]
Author: Герова Н.В.
Visitors: 21034
This article deals with the issue of the application of rating assessment system in terms of modular teaching of the Boulogne system. It describes the automatized rating system of assessment of student’s knowledge. The article investigates the realization of basic functions within the information system.

44. Automatic choice of the optimization method for rectangular cutting [№4 за 2009 год]
Author: Петунин А.А.
Visitors: 8292
In article the rectangular cutting problem is considered. Classification of the rectangular cutting tasks is offered. This typology intends on research objective of efficiency of the existing cutting methods for tasks of a certain class. The testing of 5 the optimising cutting methods is done. On the basis of the testing results the scheme of an automatic choice of the optimising algorithm depending on the offered tasks typology is described.

45. Simulation of loss of stability of the bottom area of the profile in the software package ANSYS [№4 за 2009 год]
Author: V.V. Levshchanov
Visitors: 7233
This article discusses the results of simulation a form of loss of stability of thin-walled elements bent profile in the software package ANSYS. A characteristic of the stress-strain state of the model at different stages of deformation and identifies zones the critical concentrations. Compare the results of finite-element and laboratory experiment.

46. HeО: metaheuristics library for combinatorial optimization problems [№4 за 2009 год]
Authors: Цыганов А.В., Булычов О.И.
Visitors: 8595
In the present paper we introduce HeO, a new software library of metaheuristic algorithms for hard combinatorial optimization problems. The library is designed as a set of algorithmic skeletons implemented using modern programming, metaprogramming and parallel computing techniques. The results of efficiency testing over SAT problems from the SAT 2007 and SAT 2009 sets are provided.

47. The software of information-control system drying installation [№4 за 2009 год]
Author: A.N. Gribkov
Visitors: 8451
Questions of the software development of information-control system of drying installation with use CASE-technologies are considered.

48. Complex for modelling chart of utilization waste energies [№4 за 2009 год]
Authors: Olennikov A.A., Olennikov E.A., V.P. Tsymbal
Visitors: 9249
Models are considered software product for a calculation and search of optimum chart of utilization energy from the asm of stream-emulsion reactor.

49. Algorithmic basis of tests generation taking into account radiating influence [№4 за 2009 год]
Author: Конарев М.В.
Visitors: 7771
In the article the method of test patterns generation, taking into account the influence of pulse radiation is offered. The method is based on Rot’s D-algorithm, special influence is taking into account by generators of a ionization current and by parasitic structures at the transistor level.

50. Construction of geographically distributed it-infrastructure for insurance company [№4 за 2009 год]
Author: Yu.M. Lisetskiy
Visitors: 12817
The issue of building the IT-infrastructure of territorially distributed enterprise is examined. The set of requirements for contemporary IT-infrastructures and corresponding functionality of the system is formulated, the sequence of tasks, which are solved during their integration is given. The experience of realization of project for the insurance company is described.

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