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16 March 2021

Articles of journal № 1 at 2020 year.

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21. The development software for input of initial data during simulation [№1 за 2020 год]
Authors: S.A. Chernyshev, S.A. Antipova
Visitors: 3637
The widespread adoption of digital technologies gives rise to an increasing flow of structured and un-structured information coming from a large number of different, including disparate and loosely cou-pled sources of information in all spheres of human activity. Particularly acute is the question of streamlining, purposeful structuring of information and data for their subsequent using in the simula-tion of complex technical processes. The article analyzes the approaches to simplify the processes for input and editing a significant ar-ray of initial data which necessary for the development of complex simulation. The direct work with text and table format files involves frequent changes in the structure of the model parameters with min-imal or no analytical checks of the input parameters based on the already entered data. Working with a file that stores the original parameters through the developed structure of the intermediate data repre-sentation allows performing of necessary access to the data stored in the file, but at the same time, it is time-consuming and impractical. The most successful and versatile decision is to work with a file that stores the original settings through an intermediate database according to the authors opinion. The database can act as an interme-diate link in the filling and editing of files with the initial parameters of the model and most of the source data for modeling with this approach.The priority for using in this case are non-relational high-performance NoSQL databases that providing a horizontal scalability. In this paper, the authors noted that a database can act as an intermediate link in filling out and editing files with the initial parameters of the model, and it can be a source of initial data during simulation.

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