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16 December 2019

Articles of journal № 1 at 2012 year.

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21. Intellectual system of control and monitoring of the gas boiler-house [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: О.А. Belousov, Иванов С.В.
Visitors: 11839
The problem of intellectual control and monitoring by thermal devices is considered, the algorithm of control and monitoring of a gas boiler-house in real time on the basis of a neural network and the fuzzy logic is developed.

22. Control system of innovative production system [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: Matveykin V.G., B.S. Dmitrievsky, Панченко И.С.
Visitors: 6517
The task of control and modules of the control system of innovative production system are described. The structure of software package and it’s program implementation are suggested.

23. Analysing the stress-strain state in heterogeneous structures [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: Kandoba I.N., Spevak L.F., Тарико О.С.
Visitors: 4695
Methods are presented to analyse the stress-strain state of a heterogeneous structure consisting of a finite number of elastic homogeneous regions and subjected to specified loading. The stresses and strains are calculated on the basis of the boundary element method. The realization of the boundary element method employs analytical integration formulae. The algorithms developed are realized in a specialized software package intended for solving a wide range of applied problems.

24. Curve bearing on the surface of a tool for different kind treatment multiaxis [№1 за 2012 год]
Author: Будник А.И.
Visitors: 5786
The paper considers the problem of constructing the curve of sliding on the surface of various types ofinstrument at a certain time. The possible types of forms such a curve. In constructing the curve of the slipcan expect a more accurate representation of the machined surface in the simulation of the surface (volume) swept out by the tool in the multi-axis milling.

25. The knowledge base of information-control system of drying installation [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: Артемова С.В., A.N. Gribkov
Visitors: 6853
Questions of working out of the frame knowledge base of information-control system of drying installation are considered.

26. Segmentation of regions of interest based on isolines classification [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: Сенюкова О.В., Галанин В.Е.
Visitors: 9002
We propose a new approach to segmentation of regions of interest on images. The method can be especially useful in medical image processing. Application of the developed algorithm to the problem of segmentation of brain lesions on magnetic resonance image (MRI) is shown. The algorithm was tested on real data and demonstrated superiority over existing methods.

27. Deriving conical bearing tool for handling multiaxis [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: Будник А.И., Кац Е.И.
Visitors: 7943
The paper considers the problem of constructing the curve of sliding on the surface of the conical tool at a time. An algorithm for constructing the curve of sliding on the surface of the conical tool. Modeling of such a curve is necessary, first of all, to model the surface (volume) swept out tool in the multiaxis milling.

28. Methods of the assessment of mis real protection levels [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: Мукминов В.А., Хуцишвили В.М., Лобузько А.В.
Visitors: 10556
Methods of the assessment of MIS real protection levels in the condition of modeling computer attacks were considered. The list of assessment tools, including the simulation of computer attacks, was presented. The complex use of the new forms of tests as well as testing of MIS software programs on the basis of natural and simulated modeling was offered. The application of the new methods of the assessment of real protection levels will allow raising the efficiency of information safety services during MIS maintenance.

29. Integrity control of input data during automated software analysis [№1 за 2012 год]
Author: Поляничко М.А.
Visitors: 7634
In this paper a possibility of applying an additional integrity check during execution of an automated software analysis is studied. An estimation of time losses is calculated, according to different data volumes.

30. Clustering of atomic knowledge using methods of linear optimization [№1 за 2012 год]
Author: Галеев А.Х.
Visitors: 6204
The work deals with methods to form compact clusters of factual knowledge from unstructured information stored in the Internet. Some own mathematical models are offered, which allow to solve the problem using the methods of integer linear programming.

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