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Publication date:
16 June 2021

Keyword: design

  1. Authors: Гурьянов В.И.

  2. Authors: Недзиев С.Н.

  3. Authors: Новосельский В.Б.

  4. Authors: Талицкий Е.Н., Шумарин С.В.

  5. Authors: Нечаев П.Д., Кораблин Ю.П.

  6. Authors: Черткова Е.А., Тучков В.И., Шевырин А.Е.

  7. Authors: Скрипов С.А.

  8. Authors: Фомин В.В., Фомина И.К.

  9. Authors: Шведенко В.Н., Набатов Р.А.

  10. Knowledge structurization of control system scheme designing process
  11. Authors: Ахремчик О.Л.

  12. Creation automatic worker of the place of the technologist fordesigning the technological process
  13. Authors: Бакановская Л.Н., Мокеева Н.С.

  14. Microsoft Office Visio 2007 use in CAD system
  15. Authors: Родионов Л.Ф., Уютов А.А., Назарова И.А.

  16. Co-evolutionary approach to analog integrated circuits design
  17. Authors: Семенкин Е.С., Токмин К.А.

  18. The methodology of constructing a consolidated reporting system
  19. Authors: Чибисов В.Н., Гаврилов В.Н.

  20. Some technological aspects of creating educational training equipment for Navy commanding officers and specialists
  21. Authors: Ильин В.А., Андреев В.Ю., Базлов А.Ф., Шуванов А.Д.

  22. Aspect-oriented programming as an approach to improve the efficiency of IT projects economic performance
  23. Authors: Семенов Н.А., Гончаров А.А.

  24. Program system of structural and parametrical synthesis of an information security system
  25. Authors: Жуков В.Г., Жукова М.Н., Тимохович А.С., Волков Д.С.

  26. Automated generation of accounting documents using radioelectronic components database
  27. Authors: Гурьянов А.В., Шукалов А.В., Жаринов И.О., Леоновец С.А., Коновалов П.В.

  28. A hybrid algorithm for solving optimization problems of computer-aided design and its software implementation
  29. Authors: Тарасов В.Б., Гладков Л.А., Лейба С.Н.

  30. Basic principles of creating design and control automation systems in engineering production systems
  31. Authors: Семенов Н.А., Бурдо Г.Б.