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(Information on the results of 2021)
2-year impact factor of the RSCI: 0,441
2-year impact factor of the RSCI without self-citation: 0,408
The two-year impact factor of the RSCI, taking into account citations from all
sources: 0,704
5-year impact factor of the RSCI: 0,417
5-year impact factor of the RSCI without self-citation: 0,382
The total number of citations of the journal in the RSCI: 9837
Herfindahl's five-year index of quoting journals: 149
Herfindahl Index by author organizations: 384
10-year Hirsch Index: 71
Place in the overall SCIENCE INDEX ranking: 196
Place in the SCIENCE INDEX ranking on the topic "Automation. Computer technology": 4
Place in the SCIENCE INDEX ranking on the topic "Cybernetics": 2

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Publication date:
19 June 2023

Keyword: algorithm

  1. Authors: Орлов А.А.

  2. Authors: Коганов А.В., Граев М.И.

  3. Authors: Симаков А.В.

  4. Authors: Хубаев Г.Н.

  5. Authors: Большакова Е.И., Васильева Н.Э.

  6. Authors: Измайлов В.В., Наумов А.Е., Новоселова М.В.

  7. Authors: Григорьев И.А.

  8. Authors: Мкртумов А.С.

  9. Authors: Лёшина М.А.

  10. Authors: Синюк В.Г., Акопов В.Н.

  11. Authors: Сачкова Е.Ф.

  12. Algorithmic solution of a focal approximation task of closed curves
  13. Authors: Ракчеева Т.А.

  14. Structural analysis of rna sequences binding with HuR protein
  15. Authors: Пальянов А.Ю., Черемушкин Е.С., Штокало Д.Н., Нечкин С.С.

  16. Mutual exclusion algorithm for RapidIO switch access
  17. Authors: Бакулин А.А.

  18. Algorithms for formation of control actions in a distributed multi-agent systems
  19. Authors: Федунец Н.И., Приходько М.А.

  20. Program realization of procedure of Richards for synthesis of non-uniform lines
  21. Authors: Аверкин В.Н., Бердышев Р.В., Кордюков Р.Ю., Куликов А.В.

  22. The software skill decision-making systems
  23. Authors: Мещеряков В.Н., Кавыгин В.В., Полозов С.В., Бессонов М.С.

  24. Rapid wavelet-transform realization for program applications
  25. Authors: Балихин Д.М.

  26. The program complex for linguistic interpretation of graphic dependencies with fuzzy coordinates of central points
  27. Authors: Филатова Н.Н., Миловидов А.А.

  28. Validation of routing scheme in RapidiO system
  29. Authors: Бакулин А.А.

  30. Algorithm for identify trends for large noisy time series
  31. Authors: Бахмутский М.Л.

  32. Protected data transfer channel setting
  33. Authors: Шудрова К.Е., Почкаенко В.Ю.

  34. Algorithm comparison of methods of complex quantitative quality evaluation of the complex systems
  35. Authors: Лисецкий Ю.М.

  36. Automated prediction calculations of operating costs of surface ships
  37. Authors: Кочнев В.В., Рожин К.Ю., Третьяков О.В.

  38. Comparison of different wavelets efficiency for electroencephalogram analysis
  39. Authors: Туровский Я.А., Кургалин С.Д., Максимов А.В., Семёнов А.Г.

  40. Solving the problem of premises, buildings and constructions classification according to explosion and fire hazard categories using CAD
  41. Authors: Баранников Н.И., Сергеева М.А.

  42. Simulation exercise with operator errors control
  43. Authors: Кобзев В.В., Сизов Ю.Н., Скипидарников А.С., Шилов Д.К.

  44. Problems of information retrieval as part of a distributed intelligent software system of information support of innovation
  45. Authors: Борисов А.Л., Чохонелидзе А.Н., Борисов С.Ю.

  46. Algorithms for synthesis of band-blocking filters on smooth inhomogeneous lines for CAD microwave devices
  47. Authors: Бердышев Р.В., Кордюков Р.Ю., Бердышев В.П., Помазуев О.Н., Хрипун С.И.

  48. Features of creating a custom qualifier for situation display on the electronic map
  49. Authors: Войцеховский С.В., Девяткин А.М., Котенок А.А., Обухов А.В.

  50. Diagrams classification algorithm with consequent enlarging of features
  51. Authors: Ханеев Д.М., Сидоров К.В., Филатова Н.Н.

  52. Computing and research algorithm for ambiguity function of broadband coherent multifrequency probe signals used for portraits of range surveillance radars
  53. Authors: Талалаев А.Б., Бердышев В.П., Платонов А.Ю., Миронов А.М.

  54. The algorithm for determination of group air objects resolution probability by radars in an airfield
  55. Authors: Кордюков Р.Ю., Бердышев В.П., Помазуев О.Н., Миронов А.М., Стучилин А.И.

  56. Program complex for identification of float glass spot defects
  57. Authors: Мешалкин В.П., Петров Д.Ю., Иващенко В.А., Ефимов И.В.

  58. Methods of multiprocessor system initializations
  59. Authors: Лавринов Г.А.

  60. Adaptive fuzzy systems on FOREL class taxonomy
  61. Authors: Щекин В.П., Черный С.Г., Бордюг А.С.

  62. Software for acoustooptic processors
  63. Authors: Шибаев С.С., Помазанов А.В., Волик Д.П.

  64. An information system of technological machines operation analysis
  65. Authors: Болотов А.Н., Горлов И.В., Полетаева Е.В., Рахутин М.Г.

  66. Comatch. A search engine for transcription factors cooperative binding sites
  67. Authors: Черемушкин Е.С., Никитин С.И.

  68. A simulator training system for modeling a virtual reality with combat employment of weapons and ship equipment
  69. Authors: Лосев Е.Ф., Кузнецов И.В.

  70. Classification algorithm based on random forest principes for a forecasting problem
  71. Authors: Курейчик В.М., Картиев С.Б.

  72. Software for spatial navigation and monitoring based on visual odometry algorithm
  73. Authors: Кочкаров А.А., Калинов И.А.

  74. Statement of the research problem of the diffusion transition across the slag-metal border in a column reactor and its solution algorithm
  75. Authors: Оленников А.А., Цымбал В.П., Сеченов П.А.

  76. Recursive algorithm for exact calculation of rank tests for testing statistical hypotheses
  77. Authors: Агамиров Л.В., Агамиров В.Л., Вестяк В.А.

  78. On modeling of electricity nodal prices
  79. Authors: Халилов Э.Д.

  80. Inflight spacecraft safety performance and generating information to prevent high-speed interaction
  81. Authors: Палюх Б.В., Катулев А.Н., Ягольников С.В., Храмичев А.А., Зыков И.И.

  82. Electronic forms for computer simulators
  83. Authors: Ильин В.А., Вус А.В.

  84. The methodology and algorithms of aerial object classification by the decision support system under intense information influence
  85. Authors: Допира Р.В., Потапов А.Н., Семенов В.Ю., Гетманчук А.В., Семин М.В.

  86. Development of operation algorithms of a mathematical model of an airship anti-stealth radar
  87. Authors: Суша С.В.

  88. The algorithm for forming many options of a supercomputer structure to solve military applied problems
  89. Authors: Гусеница Я.Н., Петрич Д.О.

  90. Software suite for assessing the factors that determine the quality of Earth remote sensing information
  91. Authors: Калинин Т.В., Хрестинин Д.В., Жуков А.О.

  92. Simulation of multiphase multicomponent systems in a gas flow
  93. Authors: Цымбал В.П., Сеченов П.А., Рыбенко И.А.

  94. An algorithm for ensuring the required level of stability of control of an unmanned aerial vehicle in the conditions of counteraction
  95. Authors: Белоножко Д.Г.

  96. Information system for calculation, information accumulation and certification of phosphorite thermophysical properties
  97. Authors: Панченко С.В., Орехов В.А., Бобков В.И.

  98. Developing and modeling a hybrid dynamic routing protocol
  99. Authors: Абросимов Л.И., Орлова М.А., Хаю Х.