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16 March 2021

Journal articles №3 2011

31. Multi-step identification method application in the development of mathematical models of socio-economic systems [№3 за 2011 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D; ( - ; ( - , Ph.D;
Abstract: The article describes social-economy state and dynamics of region via method of multi-step identification. The mathematical model provided includes balance equations of SNA and main statistically observed indicators.
Keywords: social-economy systems, mathematical model, the forecast, multi-step identification
Visitors: 8798

32. Business processes and administrative regulations management system [№3 за 2011 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D; ( - ;
Abstract: An enterprise business processes management system has been developed. It could be as well used to manage workflow of various administrative arrangements. The system has an open source and is platform independent (coded on Java). It has been installed and used in production on an enterprise with over 700 users.
Keywords: substitution rules, modeling, system, workflow, control management, business-process
Visitors: 14445

33. Development of automated systems state registration of real estate [№3 за 2011 год]
Author: Stepanova L.A. ( - (Tver State Technical University; ( - ;
Abstract: The process of development of automated systems of state registration of real estate is considered over time on key periods, taking into account changes in the rule of law as well as the modernization of services to customers of information products.
Keywords: registration of real estate, the state real estate cadastre, the state land cadastre, automated information system
Visitors: 16558

34. The automation of plans machining surfaces of the parts [№3 за 2011 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D; ( - ;
Abstract: In the present work are considered elements of the automation of reference data according to the plans of machining surfaces of the parts. The article includes short description of the algorithm for user input of data, the circuit to find information in reference tables. Keywords: automation, plans machining, machine processing, production tooling.
Keywords: technological preparation of manufacture, machine processing, plans machining, automation
Visitors: 10028

35. The simulation program of electronic equipment under shock impact [№3 за 2011 год]
Authors: ( - ; ( - , Ph.D; ( - , Ph.D;
Abstract: The problems of analysis of shock protection design of electronic equipment on a computer. Proposed own tool environment for their design using the system finite element analysis ANSYS as a calculator. Its use can reduce the cost of full-scale tests and reduce the development time of the finished product.
Keywords: acceleration, software, ANSYS, CAD system, test, modeling, shock, electronic equipment
Visitors: 13152

36. Software for support of decision making to structure Of physicochemical systems’ models [№3 за 2011 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D;
Abstract: Software for modeling of physicochemical processes is described. An example of the program’s using to construction of oxidation processes’ model is presented.
Keywords: probabilistic cellular automaton, decision making, mathematical and computer modeling, software
Visitors: 14393

37. Coevolutionary asymptotic genetic algorithm for crystal structure characterization [№3 за 2011 год]
Authors: Semenkin E.S. ( - Academician M.F. Reshetnev Siberian State Aerospace University; ( - ; ( - , Ph.D;
Abstract: When restoring material’s crystal structure on the basis of powder diffraction a problem of determining a model of the atomic structure of complex chemical compounds appears. In this research the evolutionary algorithm for unconstrained optimization was developed and analyzed. It allows to define parameters of the structural model of material which are necessary for the next stage of the crystal structure refinement.
Keywords: diffraction analysis, structural model of material, unconstrained optimization, coevolutionary asymptotic genetic algorithm
Visitors: 6974

38. Software system of detection the anomalies of form of railway lines [№3 за 2011 год]
Authors: G.M. Solomakha ( - Tver State University (Professor), Ph.D; ( - , Ph.D;
Abstract: The paper presents the software system based on statistical criteria of detection and estimation of parameters of spatial-extensive anomalies of forms of railway lines in the conditions of a priori uncertainty in relation to their spatial position and time of occurrence.
Keywords: modeling, railway line, the anomaly, criterion, software package
Visitors: 10309

39. Software evaluation of chemical environment in emergency situations [№3 за 2011 год]
Authors: Matveev Yu.N. ( - Tver State Technical University, Ph.D;
Abstract: Software evaluation of chemical environment in emergency situations on object of the deleting the chemical weapon, interfaces of the system manager and final user.
Keywords: semantics, interface, simulation, technical safety, chemical weapon, decision making, computer modelling, error situation
Visitors: 12375

40. Construction of a dynamic multi-agent model with the use of classification trends [№3 за 2011 год]
Authors: Gimarov V.V. ( - (Smolensk Branch of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Ph.D; ( - , Ph.D; Ivanova I.V. ( - (Smolensk Branch of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute;
Abstract: The possibilities of a classification analysis based on the definition of structural and point proximity between the trajectories for solving the problem of forecasting market trends, taking into account the existence of statistical database of market trends, is considered. We propose a dynamic multi-agent system structure based on prediction.
Keywords: multi-agent model, forecasting trends, the algorithm of fuzzy c-mean, spot matching, structural analysis, dynamic data, clusterization, classification analysis
Visitors: 8822

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