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16 September 2023

Journal articles №2 2011

31. RILP-Multi programme for calculating of indicators’ parameters limiting values by bootstrap method [№2 за 2011 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D; ( - , Ph.D; ( - ;
Abstract: The article deals with describing of work algoritms of program complex for calculating of limiting va- lues of latent parameters of test diagnostic indicators as the result of their fulfiling in the form of dichotomizing variable.
Keywords: a bootstrap method, the latent parameter, the test indicator, test
Visitors: 12450

32. Rapid wavelet-transform realization for program applications [№2 за 2011 год]
Author: ( - ;
Abstract: The algorithm for effective program realization of the 1d discrete wavelet transform is presented in the article. The methods for further boosting performance are suggested.
Keywords: software, sound, signal, methods, implementation, algorithm, wavelet transformation
Visitors: 19112

33. Case-system of educational methodical complexes on the basis of multidimensional logic regulators [№2 за 2011 год]
Authors: A.F. Antipin ( - Sterlitamak Branch of Bashkir State University (Associate Professor), Ph.D;
Abstract: It is offered to automate engineering and introduction process of educational methodical complexes by means of CASE-system on the basis of multidimensional logic regulators. Introduction of multidimensional logic regulators in CASE-system work algorithm has allowed to reduce the maximum number of condition-action rules and, as consequence, to raise speed of system.
Keywords: condition-action rules, knowledge estimation mechanism, report editor, test editor, multidimensional logic regulator, CASE-system, educational methodical complex
Visitors: 11496

34. Computational system for auto-wave processes’ analysis [№2 за 2011 год]
Author: ( - ;
Abstract: Computation system for auto-wave processes’ analysis in heterogeneous areas using Dirichlet boundary conditions, Neumann, mixed and free boundary conditions was developed.
Keywords: heterogeneous areas, parabolic differential equations, computational system, scanning method, autowave processes
Visitors: 11719

35. Quality control and data analysis system of avalanche photodiodes [№2 за 2011 год]
Author: ( - ; ( - ;
Abstract: Avalanche Photo Diodes (APDs) have been chosen to detect the scintillation light of the lead tungstate crystals in the CMS electromagnetic calorimeter. Since a reliability of 99.9% was required, a method to detect unreliable APDs before they were built into the detector had to be developed. For this screening method and analysis of the APD properties a system of the APD data handling and software for the analysis and for the APD rejection are developed. The system was successfully used for the testing more than 120 thousands photodetectors.
Keywords: filter date, avalanche photodiode, photodetector, grafical user interface, data analysis system, quality control
Visitors: 13164

36. Use MathCAD for modeling of the primary charge yield in SiO2 [№2 за 2011 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D;
Abstract: Presented software for modeling of the primary accumulation of the charge in SiO2 under the action of ionizing radiations. The program marketed in application MathCAD and allows in interactions mode to produce the es-timation charge yield depending on the tension of the electric field, temperature, radiations dose rate and energy.
Keywords: dose rate, energy, the temperature, charge yield, charge, ionizing radiation
Visitors: 8734

37. Information and communication technology complex management of students [№2 за 2011 год]
Authors: Piyavskiy S.A. ( - Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Ph.D; ( - ;
Abstract: We consider the information and communication technology integrated management of students during their university studies, examines the experience of using technology developed in Samara State University of Archi-tecture and Civil Engineering.
Keywords: clusterization, rating, the competence approach, control management, information technology
Visitors: 15419

38. The software for diagnostics of defects in rotation details [№2 за 2011 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D; ( - ; Davydov A.V. ( - DATADVANCE LLC (Technical Writer); ( - ;
Abstract: In the given work ultrasonic installation which allows to carry out automatic diagnostics of quality of rolling details of rotation by a method of ultrasonic scanning is offered and described. For management of process of ultrasonic scanning the software product which allows to define a site of various defects in a detail is developed and described, and can be used at all stages of its manufacturing for timely elimination of these defects.
Keywords: defects, , the roll, diagnostics, defectoscope, ultrasonic converter
Visitors: 13641

39. Supply planning system at the diversify enterprise [№2 за 2011 год]
Author: ( - ;
Abstract: In work formation methods commodity groups of resources are considered and the new technique considering degree of uniqueness of bought resources is offered, and also problems solved by a developed technique are defined.
Keywords: strategy, material-technic support, forecasting, classification, commodity assortment, diversification
Visitors: 13173

40. Program complex to modeling of fluidized bed coating process [№2 за 2011 год]
Authors: ( - ; ( - ; Gordienko M.G. ( - International Science and Education Centre for Transfer of Biopharmaceutical Technologies D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russian Federation (Leading Researcher), Ph.D; Menshutina N.V. ( - D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russian Federation, Ph.D;
Abstract: Program complex to modeling of fluidized bed coating process is described in the present paper. Process conditions and polymer composition are optimized by the program complex to improve quality of product and shortening development stage.
Keywords: coating, fluidized bed, mass transfer, heat transfer, mathematical and computer modeling, optimisation, software package
Visitors: 16159

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